Resist the urge to spend a fortune on a big display of veggies, cheese, crackers, dip. No one, I repeat, NO ONE eats them. Instead, pass a few more things butler style; maybe even choices that look like crudite but more fun; stuffed cherry tomatoes, proscuitto wrapped asparagus, celery sticks stuffed with Buffalo chicken salad… (No one looks into the fridge in the middle of the night thinking, “Gee, I wish there was a celery stalk with a light herb dip…” This is my gauge of what to serve at a party……)

Stationary displays not only cost more but stop the mingling action of the party. Bring the delightful little food bites to the guests and let them continue to talk about how wonderful you both look, how lovely the site is; no one will be asking, “Great party, but where is the raw cauliflower?”