June is a tough month! It’s happy and busy, and I’ve been up to my eyebrows in weddings, which I love. Would that mean I’m down to my ankles in Blog? Maybe. Apologies. I’ve been all over New Jersey; in lovely restaurants, classy backyard gardens, at “da shore”, in the mountains, and coming up; at a campsite. Can’t wait. I’ve had flower dogs, flower girls, and flower babies, (pulled in a Red Flyer wagon, too cute for words). I’ve been in parks with six different bridal parties on the runway; I’ve done a beautiful ceremony for 10 guests in an antique home. Does anyone have more fun than I do at work. Not likely.

What have I learned from this June? Weddings take all kinds of shapes and personalities, and when yours looks like yours, it’s the best experience ever. You may have been dreaming of an elegant ballroom or a cool rustic summer camp; both will be real treats for your guests. So dream big, but dream as yourself!

Happy July,