And if you’re having a wedding in September or October, I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing….what happened to that long, lazy stretch of time…you know, the one where you were going to hand color the invitations, lose 10 lbs, calligraph the placecards and grow the baby lettuce for your salad course…

It’s gone. Time for plan B. Black and white invites are fine, so are you, with or without the ten pounds, a funky felt tip will do for the placecards, and no one eats the salad anyway. Problems solved. See how easy that was?

On to bigger and better things! If you’re going to write your vows, you should probably start working on that right now. If you haven’t applied for your license, you should probably start working on the right now. If you haven’t told your equally stressed out partner how much you adore them…..yes…you should do that right now!

Everything else will take care of itself…..