Cost cutting idea number 5! You don’t have to have an unlimited, premium bar at your New Jersey Wedding. Depending on the venue, it may actually seem a little wierd. If you’re having a barbeque, loads of local beers and sodas piled into a canoe is going to work. But even if your event is a little more formal, a creative approach to stocking your bar is a great way to save a little on dollars, but not skimp at all on style.

You could choose to do wines and beers from your region, your state, a place that is dear to you, the countries that you’ve been to or the ones you’re going to visit on your honeymoon. You could even choose to do a theme based on names; choose wines that all have dogs on the label. (That would be a natural along with a dog bowl on the bar, replacing the tip cup with a place to gather donations for a local shelter).

You could also do wine, beer, and a signature drink or two. Maybe something concocted from your favorites, a drink that matches your decor or the season (think Cosmos and Margueritas for Christmas!), or maybe just your favorite drink. Quirky glasses, like Mason jars or tall glass bud vases make this even more fun. One of my incredibly cool NJ wedding clients (smooth, eh?) served multicolored, fruit liqueur flavored shots in test tubes, all nestled in a beautiful glass bowl full of colored sand.

Bottom line? You can tailor your bar to fit your style and budget, and no one will be the wiser!