Okay, so Aunt Mary, who gets crazy after her third martini can’t really sit with her ex husband, Ralph, who curses to much to seat with either your minister or your boss. What are you going to do with the kids, and those single people? Well, “Places Everyone” has the answer.

This nifty little item is the “Ultimate Seating Planner” that will take away your table assigning stress. It is not a computer program; it’s a kit with moveable pieces that represent your tables, chairs, musicians, even YOU! You can move your guests around, add or subtract tables, place your buffet tables and even give you and your partner a sweetheart table. With the selection of kits, you can accomodate up to 400 guests (and with their “Bark Mitzvah” kit, a special place for the pet of honor too!) The whole thing comes in a gold colored tube that you can use as a “time capsule” to store mementos from your wedding day. And it makes a wonderful shower gift!