Actually, not just the wings; the whole dove and lots of them.  What could be more appropriate as a send-off at the end of your New Jersey wedding ceremony? These graceful  white doves are the perfect symbol of love; they are one of the few animals that choose a mate forever; they are together for life. They symbolize love, peace, fidelity and prosperity; to see a dove on your wedding day guarantees you good luck!

Rick, from Love Doves can take care of all the details for you; he and his crew travel to New York, Long Island and New Jersey, bringing these beauties to your ceremony. 

The day of the event, a trained and experienced release coordinator will arrive at your event dressed appropriately for the occasion and on time – one hour before the release. Guests can admire a beautifully decorated basket of pure white doves as they arrive. The doves will be released on cue, so your photographer and video team can be filmed and remembered. (One of my couples used the photos as their thank you note, and I suggested that they might also think about using the photo as a holiday card.

This is a breathtaking and meaningful gesture to mark the end of your wedding ceremony and the beginning of your life as loving partners.