When your planning an event as important and detail loaded as a wedding (and all the satellite parties that go with….) you need a go to source for the vendors and services you are looking for.  That go to source should be Elegala, a stylish and extensive website that can point you towards anything you need, from a New Jersey wedding officiant (you knew that was coming….) to a valet service. I love it because it really is eye candy; the design is easy to navigate, and visually exciting.

They have a myriad of printable checklists and budgets, thousands of great wedding ideas. There is a great blog, (the cool entry today was for a registry that specializes in vintage china!)  about a million photos of real weddings, and great advice about everything from green weddings to honeymoons. They have special sections for grooms and moms too! 

 You can also  order or read their fabulous wedding magazine, “Gala”, which is simply a beautiful and inspiring read.