Tradition would have it that you would save and freeze the top layer of your cake to share on your first anniversary. EWWWWWWWWW FROZEN YEAR OLD CAKE!!!!!!!!  Who would do that and why?

Well, this practice can be traced to a couple of traditions. The most popular is that the top layer can be shared on the first anniversary, so the couple can relive their wedding celebration.  And as cakes become bigger and taller, the top layer is often not needed to serve the guests.


It’s time to  reinvent that tradition. Pick a wonderful, quirky flavor for the top layer; something you both love, but possibly 150 of your nearest and dearest might not. Enjoy the top layer of your cake together (maybe as your honeymoon breakfast?) and then order a brandy new replica for your anniversary. Tasting it again will be a pleasure, not a chore!

One of my more resourceful brides actually ordered a chocolate swirl pound cake for the top layer, and then her and her new husband made French toast out of it for their first home made breakfast!  What a great idea! Wedding Cake French Toast!  I LOVE it!