Many, many of my couples decide to add unique and personal elements to their wedding ceremonies. One of the most popular and visually stunning additions is the handfasting ceremony. And one of the best resources (well, besides me, your New Jersey wedding officiant….smooth as usual…..) is Shira’s wonderful website,

Shira’s site (and newsletter) has all kinds of great information on the history and meaning of the handfasting ceremony.  There are sample ceremonies, links to useful books.  There is also a nationwide listing of officiants who are qualified to create and perform your handfasting ceremony, either as a free standing ritual or as part of your wedding ceremony.

Her email newsletter has articles about seasonal festivals and celebrations, recipes, information about herbs and oils, and introductions of new officiants across the country. It is always interesting and entertaining, whether you’re planning a handfasting or not; we can all be enlightened by being in touch with the natural cycle of the earth and the seasons.  So take a couple of minutes, brew a cup of tea with a touch of cinnamon, and enjoy perusing her site.