Not only because, well, if you’re in love, you should write one once in a while; one that doesn’t inclued LOL or an emoticon of any type.  Hand-written love letters are keepsakes that everyone should have, tied in a ribbon an nestled among your most prized possession.  And writing a really sweet, soulful love letter might give you the confidence (and possibly the exact words) to write  your own vows, a beautiful gift to your fiance.

But in addition to all those romantic reasons, here is one that includes bling!  “A Diamond Is Forever”  is sponsoring a love letter contest, in conjunction with the new film Bright StarYou can choose to submit a hand written love letter, or in a bow to technology, you can submit your most heartfelt, fervent Tweet!  The prize is a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry from the Everlon collection, with the runners up receiving Mont Blanc pens, gorgeous gifts in themselves.  All the rules are on the website, but even if you don’t enter, why don’t you write a few words to your loved one; leave them on the bathroom mirror (or even better, write them ON the bathroom mirror…), on the seat of their car, sticky-noted to the dog, hanging from their treadmill or secreted inside their laptop bag. You’ll make their day, and isn’t that what love is all about?