We are so ecstatic and thrilled to have met Celia and allowed her to be part of our special day. Celia was organized, intuitive and professional in every step of the process. She exceeded our expectations by putting together the most unique, customized ceremony we could have ever imagined. Most of our guests assumed Celia knew us for several years by the way she was able to provide a portrait of our lives. They were surprised when we explained that we only met her during the planning stages just about three months prior to our wedding.

Celia understood our needs for something special and out of the ordinary by adding such touching moments as a ring warming. Our guests were so moved by this simple process as they became not only a witness but a participant in the ceremony. Her sense of humor at the just the right moments brought a more intimate feel to the ceremony. We found her spirit to be so warm and inviting.

As we initially described how my we met, Celia became teary eyed and touched by our lives. This close connection ran throughout the preparation process and the wedding.

We have other friends that have used her services as well, and they confirmed that our experience with her was special but Celia does this naturally with all her clients. She kept us calm and relaxed through a very stressful time and brought humor to the challenges every married couple faces when trying to put together an event like this.

Our guests continue to come up to us and say this was the best wedding ceremony they ever attended (We believe this too). Would we use her again for other events? Sure. Would we recommend her to our friends and relatives? Of course we would, without reservation!