Every couple wants to remember their New Jersey wedding (smooth, eh?)  in pictures, videos and ……a painting?  When I read about Jessica’s business, The Celebration Artist, it struck me as the coolest idea since balloon animals for the cocktail hour. (Oh come on, it IS a cool idea, but that’s another post….)    Jessica describes her work in a much better way than I can;

“Celebration artist Jessica Weiss-Marder comes to your wedding bar/bat-mitzvah, or fundraiser and creates a painting on site. She arrives with a blank canvas, and paints the party room and decorations in detail before your guests arrive. As the party unfolds, the painting comes to life. While you and your guests dance and create memories Jessica is capturing them in the painting. At the end of your party the painting is displayed for the guests to see, and is now an amazing heirloom you will always cherish. “Live event painting” is a unique way to capture all aspects of your special event.”

Is that the coolest idea ever? Everyone has seen a photo booth, but guaranteed, almost no one has seen an artist at work at an event. Jessica will start conversations as she creates a unique keepsake of your unique day.  As timeless as your commitment; as personal as your relationship, and as colorful as y our life together; It’s just good in every way!