May is one of my favorite months, especially for weddings. It’s spring!  It’s mothers’ day! It’s wedding season!  What better way to honor your moms than to include them in  your wedding ceremony. I love this little ceremony for several reasons. Your wedding day is a huge day for your moms and sometimes I feel like they get escorted down the aisle, eased into the seat and forgotten about. Your dad may walk you down the aisle, but I wanted something different and special for your moms.

Your moms will love it!  Your photographer will love it! (Great photo opp….)  Your officiant will love it! It’s just a perfect idea, especially if your wedding is near this holiday. (I’ve also included this when the wedding falls near grandparents’ day (the first Sunday after Labor Day; this year, it’s September 11th).

You would order two single roses from your florist; pink is ideal since it’s the color of gratitude and roses are the flower of love. At the appropriate time (usually right after we welcome the guests), I’d call them up to join us in the ceremony space. (If the moms are very, very shy or either of them is not able to walk comfortably, the couple can go to them at their seats in the front row.) You would hand them each a rose; hug, kiss, cry and this is what I would say:  they’ll love it!  Trust me!

“April  and  Bill have chosen to honor two special women today .  Flowers have a language all their own. In Victorian times, flowers were often used to express sentiments and feelings that were too precious to put into words. One of those sentiments is deep gratitude, and these single roses express that gratitude perfectly, if silently. April and Beau  are the individuals they are because of your guidance, love, and patience.

It is truly a sweet coincidence that this day of celebration comes just before Mothers’ day, a day that we all recognize the strength,  passion and grace with which  mothers shape the lives of their children. As they  enter into this marriage, creating their own family, they bring to each other the history and lifetime of the gifts given to them. Please accept these roses and know that your gift of time and care has made the difference in their lives. Thank you, with all our hearts.”rr