So, What Is This Going to Cost?

Great question; it’s the question no one wants to ask.  How much is my NJ Wedding Ceremony going to cost?  It really depends on what  type of NJ wedding ceremony is best for you, and how far away you are from us!  We want you to have exactly what is right for your ceremony, so our weddings come in several sizes! (And each comes in “God Included” or “God Not Invited” versions.)  Our fees include travel within a fifteen minutes, each way, of Wayne, West Orange, or Cherry Hill. (though in the summer season, all bets are off). Beyond that, there will be a little mileage charge.

The Smart Car

It’s short and sweet and it’s built for two. This is our elopement package; it is meant as an alternative to a court clerk or a justice of the peace. If you’d like to write your own vows, you are absolutely welcome to do so.  250.-275.  If  you need witnesses, we will do our best to provide them at an additional fee. This ceremony includes a phone consultation with Celia, and we can recommend several pretty parks in our area that might be the perfect backdrop.  (Some of these are listed on our Elope NJ site.)  This is limited to four guests.

The Mini Cooper

Very much like the Smart Car, but it seats a few guests.  300.-350.  (Up to 20 guests, unlike the actual car…..)  Some of our parks will require a permit for small groups. We’ll help you figure that out.

The Jeep Wrangler

A little bigger, a little longer… AND!  It’s convertible! We will include some details about your partnership.  You can pick from  many readings to make it your own, and invite a guest reader or two if you’d like.  If you’d like to include sand ceremonies, gratitude ceremonies for your moms or other elements, we can do that too. 425-500. This ceremony includes a phone consultation with both Celia and your officiant.

The Jaguar xk

Hand built to your specifications.  First, we’ll meet with you and then we’ll write your love story, which will be the centerpiece for your ceremony.  Then, we’ll include your friends, family, music, readings, even your dog. You might want to share wine or chocolate; you might want to pour sand or light a unity candle. You’ll agree on every delightful word, and your guests will have the ride of a lifetime.  600.-850.

The Rolls Royce

Singular, as you are. Expensive because it is meticulously crafted to provide an experience like no other. Of course we’ll write the perfect ceremony that includes everything our Jaguar does.  But we’ll  also reserve your entire wedding day  so we be on site to do a leisurely run through in the morning, rehearse your readers, walk your flower dog and make everyone feel as calm as can be. If you’d like help writing your vows, we’ll be there to find the perfect words to express what you want to say.  If you have a photo montage, we’ll provide a script for the dj.  We’ll make you a beautiful  keepsake copy of the ceremony, and as a bonus?  We’ll write a house blessing, a vow renewal or a baby welcoming for the NEXT big event!  1800.00.

The Test Drive

For most of our couples, having a formal rehearsal is just another thing to add to your endless list of “to do’s”.  Usually you don’t need one; walking and standing are basic skills that almost everyone in your bridal party will be able to grasp, and every participant who has a special role will be coached when we arrive.  If a rehearsal would make  you or your family or your friends feel more comfortable, we are happy to make that happen if we are available for the date. If not, we will create an comprehensive, color coded cue sheet for the person running your rehearsal at your venue.

The Rebate

While there is no such thing as truly “Free Love”, there is “Less Expensive Love”.  If you refer a couple and they book their NJ wedding ceremony  with us, we are happy to write you a check for fifty bucks, just as soon as we finish their ceremony. And we’ll do it over and over again.  (This does not apply to new bookings of Smart Cars or Coopers, but we’ll take you out for coffee if you’d like,and you’ll have our eternal gratitude.)

Call us!  Celia always answers 201-563-5544 or celia@celiamilton.com