Wedding Ceremonies

for-ceremonies-page-01Congratulations! You’ve said, “I will!”  Now, how will you say, “I do”? With style, grace, humor, and all the personality that makes you such a unique couple.  

Yes, it’s a little overwhelming!  So many details, so many things to pick; so many decisions to make, and every single one is an expression of your personality. Your NJ wedding officiant should be an easy choice; the choice of someone who will make the very first part of your celebration memorable and different.  So how do you pick the perfect wedding officiant?  Well, let’s see.

Do you feel that your ceremony is the centerpiece of your wedding day?

Do you hope your ceremony will be personal, creative and inspiring?

Do you want an officiant who will be your partner and friend in the planning?

Then we should talk!  Whether you’re getting married next week or next year, our caring, compassionate, creative officiants and ministers  (New Jersey doesn’t have justice of the peace options) will make your wedding day more fun than you could ever imagine.   We’ll include your friends, your family, your favorite music and even your dog!  We’ll advise  you about getting your license. We’ll find whatever you need; the perfect park, the cutest little cake, a wonderful photographer or a romantic harpist.  Or we’ll just show up, marry you in a short, sweet ceremony and wave goodbye. (We do have a GREAT elopement package!)  It is all up to you; it’s your day and it should be exactly what you want it to be.

Our cool, accomplished, friendly wedding officiants perform weddings for traditional couples and gay couples throughout New Jersey, New York State, New York City, and any tropical location you might dream of!  And if we don’t travel there, we have wonderful colleagues who will.  We’re as happy in a grand historic mansion as we are in your backyard garden, and we’ll make sure your ceremony fits your setting.  If anyone has told you “you can’t”….we’ll just say, “of course you can!”

Tell more more about your wedding and what you want to do for your wedding ceremony!