Interfaith Marriage

What a fantastic, diverse time this is!  The world seems to get smaller every day. We used to meet our future spouses in our own back yard.  Today, thanks to the internet, and global opportunities to work travel and study, that backyard has gotten a LOT bigger.  While in the past, you might marry someone very much like you, today the odds are that your future partner is delightfully different.

Every wedding is a milestone, it it reminds us how extraordinary our journeys are and how lucky we are to have found “the one”.  It’s a special treat to our friends and family when our future partner brings with them a history that is different from our own. What a fantastic way to learn about cultures and traditions that are new and exciting to us!

As a wedding ceremony officiant and minister, it is my joy to help you create the wedding ceremony that includes all the things that make you both so interesting and all the elements that are so important to your family.  We can mix Filipino “lasso ceremonies” with the Jewish tradition of stomping the glass!  “Jumping the broom” mixes beautifully with the Greek  “crowning ceremony”.  Old testament scripture, readings from the Koran, inspiration from the Bible; it’s all  so interesting, and so much a part of an interfaith wedding.

As your wedding ceremony minister, I’ll guide you as we  create a personal, light hearted, and meaningful wedding ceremony.  It will celebrate your unique relationship, and present a beautiful gift of inspiration to those you have chosen to share your wedding day.