DIY Ceremonies



You’re planning your wedding and like every couple you’re thinking about the ugly B WORD….yes, budget. Everything is more expensive than you could ever imagine.

Really, the ONLY thing you need (besides each other, of course) is a great officiant. But it seems like a natural place to save money. “Anyone can get ordained….why don’t we ask Uncle Phil or your wacky college roommate Kate? They know us, they’ll make it so personal!”

The most important question to ask yourself AND your friend is this;

~~ Does your FRIEND even want to be doing this, or did they just say YES to be polite? We get dozens of calls every year (usually at the last minute) to fill in for friendors who panic. Not only is the ceremony compromised, but the friendship is stressed too. So be very sure about the enthusiasm of the person you pick.

We can help you if you’ve made that decision, and here is how.

Essentially, by going the DIY route, you’ll give yourself another job. It sounds like a great idea when you ask, but as your wedding day draws close? It becomes less fun and more, well, job-like…..

Your ceremony might be short and sweet, but it has a lot of moving parts, from beginning to end! Ask yourself;

Can your friend write an inspiring, entertaining, engaging, ceremony that includes all the legal language necessary and won’t embarrass you in front of your guests?

We can. We have. Thousands of times.

Public speaking is the NUMBER TWO fear (after death). Can your friend actually deliver your ceremony with both charisma and gravity? Will it be fun for your guests to hear?

We’ll give them tips. We’ll get them your script in PLENTY of time to practice.

Can your friend troubleshoot on the fly? A groomsman faints, a unity candle goes missing, the rings roll into the pond, the DJ doesn’t show up, the three-year-old flower girl has a nuclear meltdown on the aisle. Does your friend have even the first clue as to what to do when things go “unexpected”?

We’ll give them a cheat sheet with fixes for the most frequent blips.

Does your friend know how you apply for your license? Do they understand how to complete the paperwork so that at the end of the day your marriage is legal? Do they know how to spot and deal with mistakes that may appear on the license? Will they remember to file it? Do they know where to file it? Can they tell you where to get your certified copies and how?

We’ll walk thorough this with them and make sure they have the right clerks. In NJ and NY this can be very confusing.

Can your friend seamlessly coordinate ceremony cues with your venue coordinator photographer, videographers and musicians? Can they work with your guest readers or people taking part in rituals like handfastings or sand pourings?

We’ll go over all of this with them.

What is included?

  • The value of many years in the wedding industry and over 3000 couples married.
  • A ceremony script written based on an interview and questionnaire
  • One email edit of ceremony.
  • One pre-wedding coaching call with the friend, including instructions on what they need to do to be legal the day of your wedding, as well as some pointers on public speaking.
  • Instructions on how to lead a wedding rehearsal.
  • A pre-ceremony checklist for the day of the wedding so your friend can coordinate all the details with the other professionals such as DJ, venue coordinator and photographer.
  • One short post-wedding call to be sure your friend understands how to properly fill out and return your Marriage License to the courthouse.

What does it cost?
300.00 (a bit less if you don’t want to include a personal story).