I called Celia in a bit of hysteria because I had decided to plan a wedding in five weeks and on a holiday. It was a disaster waiting to happen. Since the wedding was so quick we where on a budget and every officiant I sought charged upward of $500. Which was not an option for us. Some of them even inserted your name into a pre-written package and called it “specialized.” I thought “get real.” I called her after reading a quote on her web site and we talked for almost a half hour. Another woman from Manhattan read me her fees then asked if I wanted to book only to hang up on me abruptly. But Celia talked with me and met with me for an hour even before a commitment was made on my part. How wonderful, different and sincere she was! I could go on and on about all the things she did (including doing 2 ceremonies on that Saturday so she could do mine) but I will give you the bottom line….I ended up paying the $500 that wasn’t in my budget and only wished I could offer her more!