My wife and I are the kind of people who like to read a lot of reviews before making a decision, but rarely take the time to write reviews of our own… so that should give you some idea about how strong our endorsement for Celia’s wonderful services are…

From the very first meeting, we were delighted to have found her. She was a calming, reassuring presence for us during the hectic build-up. She ensured that our ceremony was EXACTLY what we wanted in advance, then performed perfectly on the day. My wife and I, and our guests, at various points during the ceremony had tears in our eyes, smiles on our faces and “aaahhhs” coming from the deepest parts of our bellies 😉 Celia did the absolute best job imaginable for us.

The reason for this lays in two factors: Firstly, Celia is the consummate professional – experienced, organized, calming. She knows what will happen before you do, and tells you exactly how it will unfold. I remember just before our ceremony on the big day when our musicians were running late in traffic… the panic was setting in… but suddenly I found Celia standing next to me. A few words of reassurance in my ear and I was good again… that kind of service you just can’t put a price on and is the reason I wish there was a rating higher that 5 Stars to give.

The second factor is that Celia is one of the nicest people we have ever met! She is very considerate, kind and generous. She even drove to meet us one day to give us a huge bundle of willow branches for our center pieces! Her humanity allows her to really get to grips with the emotions on the day and produce superbly written ceremonies. As I mentioned, we felt a full range of emotion during the ceremony, and as such, I think the experience will stay fresh in our minds for so much longer than would otherwise be the case.

All in all, Celia was one of the best things about our wonderful wedding and we give her our full and absolute endorsement. We guarantee she will be the perfect addition to your big day!