It is true that Celia was responsive, professional and flexible- She got back to phone calls and emails in a very timely manner, she was respectful and listened to what WE wanted our wedding to be and she had NO preconceived ideas about what our wedding SHOULD be- she let us create exactly what we wanted and what worked for us. And, her service is high quality and a value for the cost. She offers something beyond words at a VERY competitive price. You easily can pay the same or more for even a standard ceremony (not personalized). However, the best part of Celia is CELIA!

She is sweet and funny and provides something so unique and meaningful, there is no rating high enough! All of my guests were touched and impressed by how personalized our ceremony was. They enjoyed hearing our “love story” and the light-hearted nature of the ceremony allowed for our personalities to come through, while still respectfully treating marriage as the powerful and sacred committment that it is. Everyone had a great time, but certainly it was my husband and I who enjoyed Celia the most- for she helped to make our wedding the most lovely and special day we could imagine!!! Any bride would be lucky to have Celia as the officiant and celebrant!!! Celia truly made our ceremony a celebration of us, for us!!! Thanks, Celia!