We LOVE Celia!! I read so many reviews that absolutely rave about her and they were all on point! I have to admit, when you hear things like this they sound too good to be true, but trust me you get everything you hear with Celia. I was hesitant to believe guests of previous weddings thought Celia was a personal friend of her clients’, but I cannot even count the amount of guests who asked me how I knew her and really believed she was a family friend! So many people stopped me specifically to ask about Celia and to compliment the ceremony. We both have religious families, and were worried we would hear some backlash about having a completely nondenominational ceremony, but not one person said a word. We were complimented so much on how engaging and personal it was and how it was different than any other ceremony they had ever been to. Celia was amazing to work with and made the whole process fun and easy. We just love her and personally recommend her to anyone!