When my husband and I starting looking for a wedding officiant, we had a few qualities in mind that we knew we wanted that person to have, AND Celia had them all! Not only did she write a ceremony that was based around our lives and that was totally unique, but she also really loved animals, as do we! We wanted our lives to reflect through the entire ceremony, and thats exactly what she did. She included a little bit of everything that we told her about us and as a result, the ceremony was perfect. 🙂 Everyone, including my husband’s father (who we thought would think that the ceremony was horrible, not only because it was different, but also non-religious), loved it! So many people complimented us after the wedding, on how beautiful it was and how “us” it was, which is all we ever really wanted that day! She also had to deal with alot of our own personal issues that day, because everything was all balled up (kind of unorganized to say the least) and the weather was freezing (in May no less) and almost raining, so there was a lot of confusion that she walked in on that day-BUT she held her own and did a remarkable job regardless! She even made us feel very comfortable with her smile and her sense of humor when things were messing up on us during the ceremony (bridal party didnt really know what they were doing!) We cannot thank her enough for her great work!!! 🙂 We definitely would recommend her to someone who is looking for a ceremony that is based around the COUPLE, their lives and interests and for someone who has the attitude of “anything goes” (not bias). You wont regret it! 🙂