When I began planning our wedding, there was only one thing we knew for sure…and that was that we wanted a personalized ceremony. I had attended countless weddings where the ceremony was less than moving, seemed routine and didn’t engage guests at all. For us, the ceremony was THE reason we were gathering our friends and family on our wedding day – the reception was just gravy! Therefore, we wanted our guests to not just attend our ceremony, we wanted it to be an experience they’d never forget.

I had not only heard amazing things about Celia, but as an event planner myself, had gotten the opportunity to work with her through one of my brides. Therefore, Celia was our first stop and when Andres and I initially met with her, we were thrilled! Celia is warm and funny we just knew she was the right fit for our wedding day. Looking back, this was hands-down the easiest (and best) decision we made during our wedding planning process. We filled out questionnaires about ourselves and our relationship and about a month before our wedding day, Celia sent us the first draft of our ceremony script. We cried as we read it because it was so “us.” Celia is a talented writer and told our story in a way that our guests would enjoy. There were only minor edits to that first draft and Celia turned around the changes quickly, always answering my emails within only hours. As we got closer to the wedding day, Celia even checked in with me to see how I was feeling. She offered us so many ideas and we ultimately incorporated a Ring Warming Ceremony, we honored our mothers and ancestors and we had a Blessing of the Animals (because our pets do mean that much to us!)

Our guests were completely engaged throughout our ceremony and that day, we received many compliments about what an amazing job Celia had done. They were especially surprised at how personal our ceremony was and that was confirmation that we had gotten exactly what we had wanted all along! When I look back at our wedding day, our ceremony was truly the highlight of it all and we will never be able to thank Celia enough for that! Celia is a true professional and I highly recommend her to couples who don’t just want to go through the motions during their ceremony and instead want one that is special and meaningful to them and their families.