I’m not sure it’s possible for me to express in words how wonderful Celia is. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about wedding ceremonies..she gave wonderful advice and was very patient with my husband and I, who weren’t really sure about what rituals we wanted to include in the ceremony, and who are both terrible procrastinators. Celia was able to create a funny, touching, beautiful, and personal ceremony that my husband and I, and many of our guests, will never forget. I truly feel that the ceremony Celia performed set the tone for our entire day and put everyone in a joyful mood. I cannot count the number of family and friends who came up to my husband that day to tell us how wonderful our wedding ceremony was, to praise Celia, and to ask how we found her. Even my grandmother, who is Catholic, and was disappointed to learn that I wouldn’t be getting married in a Church, said it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies she’s ever been to….To this day, friends and family members are still talking about how beautiful our ceremony was… Celia is an amazing person and I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job than she did. Thanks Celia 🙂

Sarah & Eric