My husband and I were looking for someone who would accomodate our requirements which was a non religious ceremony with hints of traditional and completely unique to our relationship. Celia met and exceeded all of those requirements. Celia was personable, down to earth and completely enthusiatic about being your officiant for the ceremony. She was very professional and knew what to do and how to have plan A,B,C ready if needed. She thought of everything.

After the Ceremony was over (which was beautiful and an amazing experience) we recieved SO many compliments from our guests about the ceremony. They could not stop singing Celia’s praises about how unique and different the ceremony was. Our favorite comment was: ‘I typically don’t like Wedding Ceremonies. I find them boring. But this one was the best ceremony i’ve ever been to. I really enjoyed it’. Not only will we always remember our ceremony, but our guests will take away a truely amazing event. Thank you Celia!