Yesterday, Celia performed the most beautiful, personal, loving ceremony at my wedding. It was truly magical. There are many folks on both sides of the family that believe the only place one should be married in is a church, but after much thought, my husband and I wanted something less religious and more personal. Celia was amazing to work with. She has such a gift for telling a couple’s story and I spent over an hour chatting away happily with her on my very first call inquiring about availability for my wedding day. I instantly felt as though she understood my wishes for the day and after ending our call, I phoned my husband-to-be and said, “I found her. We can stop worrying about the ceremony.”

We had a relatively small wedding (~50 guests) and wanted a really intimate ceremony. Given the traditionalists in our families, we weren’t sure how they would respond to the handfasting and ring warming rituals we included, but people literally raved about Celia and the ceremony the entire reception. I was amazed by the response and blown away when guests even began asking if we had transcripts! At first I was nervous that the wind, which had picked up quite a bit during our outdoor ceremony, had prevent some people from hearing. But the response was, “No, I heard every word and I was actually in the last row. I’ve just never been to a more beautiful wedding in my entire life.” After that, others asked if we had copies too and I knew our ceremony had not only been right for us, but the love and truth we hoped to have shared was felt by our guests as well.

I could echo almost every other positive review that’s already been given here. To Celia, thank you so very much! To other engaged couples out there, if you want a beautiful ceremony personalized to celebrate your union, do not hesitate to choose Celia. She will make all of your dreams for your special day a reality!