When we first spoke with Celia, we loved her energy and passion for what she did. She told us how we could use our story as part of our ceremony and make it very special to us. We loved that! Although she was a bit out of our price range, we were so excited by her passion we knew we didn’t want to pass it up. As the wedding got closer, we filled out a survey about the two of us so she could write our ceremony. At first glance it looked as though she had copy pasted our info into another person’s ceremony. So we rewrote some of the info and sent to her our concerns. She sent them back with what she said were her corrections. She had the wrong names of our mothers who were going to be mentioned when doing the candle lighting and she had added a part we clearly had told her we didn’t want in there. She sent 3 more drafts back and each time the names were wrong. It made us feel uneasy because nothing would be more embarrassing then saying the wrong names or telling the wrong story at our wedding. Although she did call us back right away and eventually fixed it, it came off as disorganized. When the final day came, she was there early and ready to go. She gave a beautiful ceremony which everyone loved. So although she gave us a bit of stress a few weeks before, in the end we loved the final product and so did the guests.

Keri and Joe