My husband and I are so grateful that we were able to find Celia to be our officiant for our wedding! Not only did she write a beautiful, funny, memorable ceremony she also gave us ideas for our ceremony. Celia gave us two ideas, one was writing a love letter to each other and place it in a box with a bottle of red wine that will age in 10 years, on our 10 year anniversary we will read our letter to each other over the bottle of wine. She also had a fabulous idea that allowed our mothers to be part of the ceremony, our mothers were introduced and we gave them a rose and Celia explained the meaning of the rose as we gave them to our mothers. We had so many family members and friends come up to us even now and say how much they enjoyed our ceremony. Even though we did not know Celia for a long time, she provided such a heartfelt ceremony that everyone thought she was a long time friend. One of my guests, also a officiant, loved her ceremony so much that he is thinking of ways to incorporate some of her ideas into his ceremonies. Even my ceremony musician said that it was a one of a kind ceremony and he has never been to a wedding where everyone was enjoying themselves during the ceremony. Celia was also so great with our ideas and allowing us to change things around, we added a part to allow my husband’s son to have a moment where we gave him a watch with our numbers engraved on the back, which represented that we are a family and he can call us anytime. One of my lifelong friends was able to write his own speech, instead of doing a reading. I also had an issue with my original venue and had to change venues 1 month before the wedding, Celia was awesome with that too!!! She said no problem with the change and even had info about the new venue since she has officiated ceremonies there before. All in all Celia was absolutely the BEST choice for a wedding officiant, I would recommend her to EVERYONE who is planning their wedding.