My wife & I found Celia during our search for a particular type of wedding officiant: one that could provide us with a meaningful non-religious service. Years ago for my first marriage, I capitulated to pressure from relatives to have the ceremony in my family’s church. Even though it was nice to give them a continuance of tradition, it was not a pleasant experience. If you or your intended spouse are not religious people, trust me when I say you do not want to start off a marriage by lying to a priest and blankly nodding along through a ceremony where you honestly do not agree with most of what’s being said. I’ve been to countless other weddings where the ceremonies were mostly attempts to proselytize to the guests before finally “getting to the point”, which also seemed canned and impersonal. Celia gave us a much better option. She worked with us to handcraft a ceremony that was worlds away from the quickie ceremony you’d get from a Justice of the Peace. Some people get to say they’ve written their own vows. With Celia we got a chance to write our own ceremony, start to finish. She’ll work with you to draft a template that you can personalize to your heart’s content. You can include, or exclude, nearly anything you want. It will truly be -your- wedding on -your- terms! To say that it feels just as meaningful and legitimate as a ceremony done in a church is an understatement. It feels -more- meaningful and -more- legitimate, and it’s something everyone will notice in a very positive way! Your ceremony will not merely be something that you & your guests will have to “get through”. It will be something that is thoroughly enjoyed, and that’s what a wedding should be. You can feel Celia’s passion for what she does, and her responsiveness, flexibility, and understanding will fill you with the excitement and anticipation you deserve for such a momentous occasion. Thank you, Celia, for providing such an amazing and much needed service! We can’t recommend you enough!