My husband and I are not religious at all, so we were nervous about how we were going to find an officiant. We still wanted to have a “traditional” wedding, just without the religious aspects. It seemed like it was going to be impossible until we found Celia Milton on this site. I had a good feeling about her from the start! We contacted her right away, and we had a very nice conversation over Skype.

Although she was already booked for a wedding at the same time as ours, she was able to set us up with another officiant she works with, Cari Chrisostomou. Cari was wonderful! She had a great personality and was fun to work with, and the ceremony she wrote for us was so moving. She did a great job getting to know us and our story, and putting it together very succinctly and beautifully. Knowing that our favorite band had a huge part in bringing us together, she figured out (without either of us telling her) the perfect song for “us” and included it in the ceremony! She even helped us figure out what kind of rituals to include, and she wrote an awesome wine sharing and hand-fasting ceremony for us. The ceremony was just magical. It had EVERYONE in tears! It couldn’t have been more perfect.

Cari and Celia were both so sweet and helpful. In the week leading up to the wedding, we had a major crisis – we thought we could just go in and get a marriage license, but it turned out it was too late. Freaked out, I called Cari, and she calmed me down. My husband called Celia and she told us exactly what we needed to do to appeal the waiting period. The next day we went to the courthouse and got our waiver easily! They really saved our wedding.

Whether you end up working with Celia, Cari, or one of their other officiants, I think you’ll be very happy with what you get. They’re great people, and they really understand how to capture “you” in the ceremony!