WOW!!! Celia is Incredible. If she is available I can’t recommend her enough!!! She will make your life easy and your wedding beautiful.

My husband and I live in Virginia but were married at the Tides in New Jersey because I grew up nearby. We planed our entire ceremony over the phone with Celia in the months leading up to the wedding and met her for the first time on our wedding day. Celia took control of the wedding party and made sure everyone was comfortable with what they were going to do and where to be. She took all the stress off myself and my husband and delivered an absolutely amazing ceremony. We had numerous guests approach us after we returned from the our honeymoon to tell us that our Officiant did a better job making our ceremony seem more like a personal story of our life together than any other wedding they had attended. We have also had a two couples from our wedding request her information for their own wedding. We can’t hype her up enough because she really is that good!!