Celia is a master in her profession and was the perfect fit for us. Her enthusiasm and comical nature was a welcomed relief as we prepared for our special day. We had a certain vision for our wedding ceremony–we wanted it to be romantic, personalized, engaging for our family/friends, a truly unique experience and that it was! From the onset of planning the ceremony until the day of our wedding, Celia was professional, friendly, thoughtful and attentive. She has a gift for asking the right questions which enables her to create a very personalized and meaningful ceremony. With what felt like minimal input from us, she designed a ceremony script which we were able to preview before our special day to ensure it was all inclusive of our vision. In addition to Celia’s top notch writing skills, her delivery of the words put to paper was what brought it all home. We, along with our audience laughed, cried, smiled and cheered at various points during the ceremony…it was perfect. Important to note as well, although Celia’s service is priceless, her fee is very reasonable.

Keith & Lisa