We’re really not too sure if there’s any word that exists to justify and explain how great Celia is. I (the groom) had the pleasure of first meeting her at a ceremony she performed that I was doing the music for. This was by far the best and most personal ceremony I had ever been to and just knew she would be an excellent fit for what we were looking for. I took her info home to my then-future wife and told her all about her. The way she intertwines such beautiful literature and your personal love story into the ceremony is truly an art and it just makes your day so special. We had so many of our guests tell us how amazing, personal, and engaging they thought our ceremony was and we have Celia to thank for that. The time and energy that Celia dedicated getting to know us and understand our story is something that we are very grateful for and we can’t thank her enough! Celia, you’re amazing…and to all the future happy couples…you won’t be disappointed with Celia, she is the absolute best 🙂