There aren’t enough stars! Celia is so utterly wonderful in every way. I can’t imagine our wedding without her, and I had a nearly endless stream of questions from my guests about how we managed to find someone so extraordinary. (Some asked if she knew us in advance because she is so caring and so earnestly happy for us.) My guess didnt believe when my partner and I mention that we have only spoken to Celia over the phone. Celia is one of the kindest, most genuine people I have ever met—a sweet, loving and gentle spirit who is absolutely phenomenal at what she does.

She took care of every detail, guided us very gently through every step of the ceremony, handled the timing perfectly, and balanced our desire for a simple ceremony with meaningful words. ( Just perfect) Her words and sincerity and joy shine out, and I hope we get to see her again some day in the future.

She truly is a wonder, and we feel so fortunate to have met her, much less to have had her standing next to us on such an important day.