We originally came to Celia because we saw her marry friends of ours and LOVED her unique, personal and creative take on wedding ceremonies.

When we contacted her about marrying us, she was already booked for our date (she’s popular!), but connected us with one of her affiliated officiants, Cari Chrisostomou Schonfeld.

Cari was wonderful. Things started with an in-depth (but fun!) phone call where she got to know me and my fiance, our story and how we envisioned our wedding ceremony. In addition to being easy to talk to and personable, she brought a sense of flexibility and expertise to the ceremony design process.

After the convo, we filled out a questionnaire that formed the basis of the ceremony Cari wrote for us. She met our needs on several levels: suggesting appropriate readings, building in the right amount of spirituality, and accommodating our requests for live musical interludes and a handful of special readers.

On the day of the wedding, Cari was the epitome of professionalism. She dressed gorgeously but appropriately–festive but still official in a dark colored dress–and was calm, cool and collected. She double checked a few name pronounciations for us and was totally natural and engaging during the ceremony. We couldn’t have loved her more!