Celia was the perfect choice for our officiant. She was enthusiastic and personable from the very first conversation we had. Despite only talking on the phone or via Skype 2-3 times before the wedding, she was able to craft a ceremony that had the perfect balance of love, tradition, enjoyment, humor, and cuteness. We chose not to write our own vows, but Celia didn’t insert cliches or platitudes into the ceremony. Everything she said was sincere, heartfelt, and appreciated by us and our guests alike. Family and friends told us later that they thought she was amazing and that the ceremony was the most touching and memorable one that they had ever gone to. There are only a few vendors that can really make or break the entire wedding and the officiant is one of them. If you want your guests talking about how wonderful your ceremony was for the next year, and if you want to look back on your wedding ceremony with as fond memories as you will hopefully have of your reception, book Celia. You can thank us later.