As my husband and I were looking for an officiant for our wedding we came upon Celia Milton. After reaching out to her we booked a time to chat over the phone. We talked for two hours that night from our first date all the way up to our engagement! She was very easy to talk to and so pleasant to work with! She had a really fun idea for us; a questionnaire to get to know us better. My husband and I filled it our own questionnaires separately and submitted them to Celia. She reviewed all our information and worked on our script. She sent us rough draft to review and choose which we liked best. She arrived early prior to our ceremony and said hello before we walked down the aisle. It was such a unique and personal ceremony, our family and friends loved it! They walked away feeling like they learned even more about my husband and I’s relationship. Celia did such a great job and I would definitely recommend her for future weddings!

Thank you.