but I DID watch the “re wedding”of Luke and Laura on General Hospital today….sigh…now, I am NOT a soap opera watcher, but you all know I am the consummate wedding lunatic. I cried at that GE commercial where the older couple dances in the kitchen to the dulcet percussion of the dishwasher dryer cycle.

For those of you who are younger than my first cowboy boots, Luke and Laura were the ultimate couple 25 years ago. Of course, the story gets complicated; she murders someone, lapses into a coma, somehow wakes up a free woman and standing at the altar with her former husband, ready to take vows again….hmmmmmmmm

Inquiring minds want to know. Where was this wedding filmed? It was a beautiful garden with a mansion attached and the minister (who said about 14 words) said he was authorized by the state of New York. I’m thinking some mansion along the Hudson.

Who did the catering? I saw no food…..

Who picked the music? Their “song” was, “At Last”, done by Joanie Mitchell, a sure sign of what the producers think is their target demographic…

and, by the way, a replica of “the ring” is available at Sears, in all its CZ glory, for 59.98

Ain’t love grand? 😉