hmmmmm…so much comedy, so little bandwidth…. because I care about you, the reader, I’ve distilled the valuable lessons so evident in the Tom and Katie celebration of the self absorbed. I’ve bulleted them for your convenience.

-Everyone looks good in Armani, in a castle in Rome, in candlelight.
-A 23,000.00 watch makes a great wedding present.
-A blender makes a great wedding present (Thank you, Brooke Shields….)
-Having various pilots point out your wedding site during approaching flights will impress your guests.
-Not inviting Oprah to your wedding after you trashed her couch is a bad idea.
-If you’re in Italy, serving “Italian Hors d’ oeuvres” will shave a bit off the 3 million dollar wedding tab.
-When your ex gets remarried, a delivery of 100 white roses is an appropriate way to say, “Good luck THIS time! (Thank you, Penelope Cruz.)
-hiring hair and makeup artists for your guests will vastly improve your wedding photos.

Ah….I could go on…and I probably will……