“Never work with animals or children” I think WC Fields said that, but dogs and kids can be the unpredictable touch that lighten up the pre wedding stress (GOOD stress, but stress, never the less). They experience can be memorable for everyone, including your three year old niece (and her parents). I am the dubiously proud owner of a giant Great Pyr because I saw one walk down the aisle with the rings attached to her flower decked collar. Suffice it to say that the groom must have had a pork chop in his tux pocket, because my personal dog will not walk on command for any reason besides protein.

If you’ve decided to include many small children, dogs, horses or potbelly pigs (yes, I have seen all of them walking down, or across aisles), prepare to be surprised, and prepare for their comfort. Have a couple of seats empty in the front row for kids who get antsy and don’t want to stand with the bridal party. Have some biscuits,carrots, (or whatever it is pigs snack on), handy to placate the normally peaceable kingdom….. maybe some small not too noisy toy for your small guests…. Let your officiant know so that he or she can be prepared to be flexible about what may (or may not) occur. Then then let it go! Sometimes not knowing what will happen next is the best part of wedding; and life!