Are you trying to decide on a date for your wedding? How about Thanksgiving (or the weekend after)? Your family is going to be together, it’s a relaxed and gracious time to celebrate and you can do some great theme things that’ll be welcoming, comforting, and evocative of simpler times and the joy of fellowship.
A traditional dinner, served family style at each table would be simple and fun; you could even do a small turkey with a designated carver! And carrot cake would be perfect for the wedding cake!
Each guest can bring canned food instead of or in addition to a wedding present, and then make a meaningful donation to a local food bank just in time for Christmas.
Harvesty colors, autumn leaves, pumpkins and candles are great for the centerpieces, and instead of a guest book, have your guests sign a table cloth that you can treasure for years of celebrations to come.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!