Kids!!! We love them at weddings, but the average gathering time/ceremony/reception represents a stretch of time that is huge for them; a little wedding goes a long way when you’re 6 years old. By the time they get to the dinner, they are going to be antsy. Heck, some of your adults are going to be antsy.

Keeping them occupied and happy can make everyone’s day peaceful and joyous. Try these tips from some of my wonderful clients!

-cover their dinner table with white paper and give them all crayons
-if there is a separate room that they can hang in, run a movie and supply popcorn in take out containers or sandpails
-arrange for a little field trip to a local zoo, museum, ice cream parlor, bowling alley
-arrange of an hour or so of a balloon sculptor, storyteller, or other child oriented entertainment person
-if you’re outside, set up a badmitton net, croquet, volleyball