Bond….James Bond (okay, it’s 007, and I can’t resist a corny joke….)

If you’re reading this, you’re probably getting married, know someone who is getting married, or you’re my mother. Hi mom!

Only one resolution really makes sense for you; (well, except for my mom….): resolve to have FUN planning your wedding this year. “Sub-resoluntions”; resolve to relax and enjoy every goofy thing that happens, everything that turns out in a way you couldn’t predict. Resolve to eat drink and be merry at the reception; resolve to laugh and cry at the ceremony. Resolve to NOT lose 15 lbs before THE DAY, NOT strive for perfection, NOT select 15 bridesmaids and make them wear fuscia against their will.

All the best for a fun and inspiring New Year, and thank you Juan and Stephanie for another great photo of your wedding!