How cool is this; Daniel and Evelyn’s friends and families thought they were coming to their engagement party at a lovely hotel in New Jersey. Afer a bit of mingling and guessing about where Evelyn was, the classic wedding march started, and I slid into position, (Daniel was introducing me as an old friend from college, lol). Evelyn walked onto the dance floor in all splendor, accompanied by her dad, who had just found out the truth minutes beforehand. I think it took about half the wedding ceremony for some of their guests to realize what was happening! It was a GREAT moment, and I was happy to be a willing accomplice to their ruse. I have the best job in the world!

They are happily married, living in Canada, and expecting their first baby boy this spring. Happy new year, Evelyn and Daniel, and best wishes. We’ll be waiting for the baby pictures!