And I don’t mean eyeshadow. Nope nope nope. At some point between NOW and your wedding, you’ll want to perfect the makeup you’ll be wearing that day. You’ll probably be wearing white or ivory, and those colors make everything you put on look stronger. Less is definately more in the eyes, cheeks, lips department.

So do this; put on a white sweatshirt and experiement with colors. Not crazy ones; colors that look like you; colors that go with your skin, your hair and your personality. You’re gorgeous already, so keep it all simple, and your photos will actually look like YOU’RE in them.

This is not the day to reinvent yourself; it’s a day to feel comfortable in your skin, to bask in the glow of your natural beauty, to know that the relationship you’re entering into enhances you and enriches you in a way that nothing in a bottle or jar can. And that is beautiful.