I first heard Rabbi Irwin Kula on PBS, as they were replaying a talk in which he discussed the “sacred messiness of life” and how we might learn from the inevitable loose ends that our days encompass. His views on life, love, and learning were galvanizing to me. One of my favorite quotes; “the more we allow ourselves to unfold, the less we will unravel”. He suggests that our yearning for love is the place that we are most likely to do that, to unravel.

He also talks about the Jewish concept of “dayenu”; wanting it all but having enough, and “never getting enough of what you don’t really need.”

I hope I’ve quoted him accurately; because I so appreciated listening to him speak. His latest book is “Yearnings; Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life”, and his refreshing and inspiring website is www.yearnings.irwinkula.com. I know you’ll enjoy his insights.