If you’re like me, a little bit technically challenged, you may never have backed up ANYTHING on your computer. It’s too hard, who can figure it out….I hear your pain. But if you lose your guest list, your vows, your list of wonderful vendors (including your New Jersey Wedding Officiant….smooth, ain’t i…….) you’ll be crushed.

A great solution is an off site storage place like www.carbonite.com. This is a program that takes literally minutes to load, runs quietly in the background, and backs up your computer to a safe haven that you can access at any time. Did you lose your menu? You can find it. Did you lose your guest list? No problem.

You can get a free trial of this thing, and if you use the promo code BZZ (thank you, Buzzagent) you can get three months to see if you like it. As the spokesperson for the technically challenged, I highly recommend it. I’d love to hear how you like it.