They go OFF OFF OFF at the rehersal and the ceremony, but please don’t make your New Jersey Wedding Officiant (smooth, eh?) start your ceremony by saying that; it sets a NOT mood. Ask the ushers to tell people as they come in.

I did a wedding recently, and in the middle of the vows, the a cell phone went off.

“That’s my mother!” she said.

In the middle of the ring exchange, another cell phone went off.

“That’s MY mother”, he said

Everyone laughed.

Then ANOTHER one went off.

I said, “Wow, that’s MY mother!”

Everyone laughed, but your crowd may not think this is funny, and normally, neither do I. During your ceremony, we are trying to create a sacred space that is apart from the real world. There is no one that is so important that they can’t spend the hour to celebrate your union. If they can’t, then don’t invite them.