What a great site! I just learned about Gusto because I’m “buzzing it” as a Bzzagent. Gusto is a travel site with a real difference; here are some of the details from their website;
Try out the Gusto Grabber, a cool feature that lets you collect and store information from the Web on the places that you daydream about, the places you plan to visit and the places that you’ve been to and don’t want to forget. You can bookmark those places in your “places i’ve been folder” and your “places i’m going” folder.
Write reviews or read other members’ reviews before you decide on the perfect hotel for your anniversary or the best restaurant to visit when you have the whole family in tow.
Upload your pictures on Gusto and organize them by trip or topic. You can even copy your photos from other photo services into Gusto. It’s just another way to create memories and share them with friends and family.
Use your blog as an online journal to write about your travel experiences. You can organize your blog by trip or topic.

What a great way to organize, research, remember and share your honeymoon! It is highly fun to use. www.gusto.com