I was just looking at some photos one of my clients sent to me; their wedding was at the end of October. It was dark, it was cold, it was raining, it was outside. The photos are just amazing; you can’t tell any of that(except for a tip of an umbrella one of the guests had, lol….)
I’m also thinking of another client who had the wedding in some of the worst fog I’ve seen. Their photographer took a photo of them tossing rose petals in the air (the only color that could be seen in a sea of black, white and grey).It was a wonderful and evocative photo.

The point is this; rain, fog, snow; none of these will ruin your photos if you work with a professional who relishes challenges to the artistic landscape. They will work with the elements and bring back great work, but that should be part of your discussion before you book them.

Thanks to Jeff for this beautiful photo; “© Photographer: Jeffrey Van daele | Agency: Dreamstime.com”